High Performance Shafts for Engine and Powertrain Test Beds based on Glass or Carbon Fiber Polymer Composites.

By: Barbara HORING, Helmut SCHURMANN, Jurgen PITZ

24 September 2012

In engine, powertrain or e-motor test applications electrical dynamometers connected by shafts to the specimen have to simulate or replicate the load the specimen would see in the real world. Increasing demands on measurements signal quality, speed range and acceleration rates on one side and signifi cant improvements in dynamometer performance on the other side caused the shaft connection becoming a key limiting factor. Therefore HORIBA Europe GmbH has started a research project together with the Institute of Lightweight Design of the TU Darmstadt with the support of public funding by the Hessen Agentur GmbH. The article gives a short introduction to the application and to fi ber polymer composites and reveals some differences to metal constructions. Furthermore it discusses the main aspects of the carbon shaft design as well as the construction of the fi rst prototype.

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