High-Speed and Precise Laser Interferometry Developed for Plasma Electron-Density Diagnostics

By: Keiichiro URABE*

11 April 2019

Figure 2 Near-infrared diode-laser heterodyne interferometry with microscope and reflection optical systems.

Feature Article

Author(*) Information: Assistant Professor,Graduate School of Engineering,Kyoto University,Ph.D.

Measurement technologies of the electron density are necessary for development of plasma material processes including those used in semiconductor device fabrication, since electron collision reactions such as ionization, excitation,and dissociation are keys to control plasma-assisted deposition and etching processes. The author has studied the laser interferometry to achieve more precise electron-density measurements by developing new interferometry arrangements. Detection speed of the refractive-index variation and elimination of gas-number density effects on the total measured signal are the main topics of this study.



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