HORIBA Contribution to Athletes’ Healthcare at London 2012 Olympic Games


3 January 2016

The last Olympic and Paralympic Games took place in London in 2012. Spire Healthcare, Laboratory Network in charge of the healthcare during this event, built a state-of-the-art facility within the Olympic Village to give over 10,000 Olympic and 6,200 Paralympic athletes, as well as associated team officials,
access to 24-hour healthcare services. Since the London 2012 Olympics were heralded as one of the most sustainable, Spire was required to reflect this ethos and approached HORIBA Medical to secure a loan and service support for a Pentra 80 analyzer. About 250 samples were tested during this event. Finally, the NHS Trust concluded that the use the pathology services of the Olympic Village Polyclinic were able to satisfy demands and that a similar structure of facilities and expertise in one clinic was recommended when planning future mass participation sporting events.[1]

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