Hybrid Metrology to Measure Unseeable Quantities:Stress Distribution in Miniaturized Transistors by Raman Scattering Spectroscopy

By: Toshihiko KANAYAMA

11 April 2019

Figure 2 Schematic transistor structure, and two configurations of Raman measurements

Guest Forum
Author(*) Information:  Special Emeritus Advisor, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Dr.

Recently, feature size of semiconductor integrated circuits becomes far below 100 nm, and their fabrication requires reliable measurement methods of local material properties capable of nano level resolution. However, it is almost impossible to invent a measurement technique to meet the requirement. Alternatively, we are developing the hybrid metrology: i.e., the methodology combining suitable measurement methods with precise simulations to estimate values of an unseeable quantity. Here, as an example, we introduce how the mechanical stress distribution in a miniaturized transistor is evaluated using Raman scattering measurements combined with stress simulation and optical propagation simulation.




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