Introduction of Driveline Test System newly Installed in the Laboratory at HORIBA Kyoto

By: Hiroyuki IKEDA, Mineyuki KOMADA

10 June 2014

Recent automotive vehicles are increasing in sophistication due to the awareness of environment impact. As a result, automatic transmissions with increased gears and CVTs, as well as electrically driven vehicles, HVs and EVs, are expanding. The development of these complex vehicles is making driveline evaluation more important than before. These evaluations focus not only on driveline units, but the power-train system which includes the engine and/or e-motor. This exposition features a flexible driveline test system installed at HORIBA (Kyoto) that can evaluate driveline units, e-motors and powertrain systems. The system recognizes HORIBA’s capability for technological advancements, to find solutions and satisfy customer needs.

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