Latest Device Processes and required sensing & control technologies in Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing

By: Hiromichi ENAMI

30 January 2018

Figure 1 Trend of Storage Node in DRAM

Author Information: Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation

Abstruct: In current and future semiconductor wafer manufacturing, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)/ ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and Dry Etch are becoming key technologies. These technologies are utilized increasingly and are widely implemented due to feature size reduction and 3D structures requirements. In addition, there are Multiple competing requirements that are difficult to realize without these technologies but they are still insufficient and far from maturity. Therefore, the performance and capabilities of these technologies must be continuously improved. An innovative process sensing system and a fluctuation-free gas supply offer promising means to improve performance. In order to achieve this, collaboration and close development between equipment users, equipment suppliers, subsystem OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and system solution providers is required and should be maintained.

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