Life Science Analytical Tools for Real Life Problems

By: Marinella SANDROS*, Fran ADAR

2 February 2019

Figure 2 Raman Analysis of lysozyme (200 mg/mL) in 20 mM Citrate-PBS buffer at pH 4.0 before and after the addition of 20 % ethanol.

Author(*) Infomation: HORIBA Instruments Inc.

When light interacts with matter (i.e. molecule/sample) many interesting phenomena occur. Light may get absorbed by your sample and depending on the sample properties you will observe light emission, reflection and scattering. HORIBA Scientific builds tools that measure these phenomena allowing our users to gain meaningful information about their samples. This information is used to solve outstanding problems in research or guide scientists to monitor product development in various fields. Life Science, in particular, is an attractive market because, over the years, it has experienced exponential growth, and continues to do so. All the divisions that engage in the scientific study of living organisms including plants, animals and human beings fall under the life science umbrella. This article will highlight the key contributions our products offer in the life science subdivisions - pharmaceutical and health sciences - and will compare their advantages over existing technologies.

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