— Malaria Infection Diagnostic Tests — Predictive Flags in Hematology Analyzers and Quantification of Parasitized Red Blood Cells

By: HORIBA ABX SAS, *UMR-MD3 Aix-Marseille University

24 September 2012

Manuela PASTORE, Sylvie VERIAC, Laurence CHAUVET, Alexandra URANKAR, Sylvain LEDROIT, Patrick BRUNEL, Sebastien LEGRAS, Christophe DUROUX, *Veronique SINOU, *Daniel PARZY

We present here the advances that HORIBA Medical R&D implemented in its hematology analyzers to progress against malaria. On one hand we describe the utilization of the Microsemi CRP for the screening of novel malaria infections in the field thanks to the combination of platelet count and CRP measure. On the other hand we present the application of DNA staining technology integrated into an ABX Pentra 60 derivative system for the precise measure of parasitemia. Based on HORIBA Medical reagent specificity, the simultaneous use of two fluorochromes was adapted to direct dilution and automation. This analytic method allows enumeration of parasitized red blood cells.

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