Microsemi Series Now Complete

By: Soichi Oue, Takaaki Shindo, Itsuo Ito, Hiroki Nagaoka, Akiko Sakato

31 August 2011

The Microsemi Series is a full model change of the LC-550 Automatic Blood Cell Counter and the LC-178CRP Automatic Blood Cell and CRP Counter, now significantly easier to use, with addition of a touch panel, and timer and quality control functions.
Some examples of new technologies used are:
1) Cyanide-free lyse(reagent for erythrocyte lysis.
2) Reagent container and cooling unit permitting onboard use of CRP reagent (if a reagent is set to an instrument once it can be used while remaining installed in the instrument during the effective period of the reagent).
3) Reagent factors with reduced information for manual input.
4) A piercing probe with a new structure able to penetrate caps of sample tubes.
Another improvement is a significant increase in the memory capacity of the instrument. It is able to record not only measurement data, but also self-diagnosis results at startup, and maintenance information such as detailed operation histories, permitting the user to quickly analyze the cause of any problems occurring with the instrument. This report focuses on the new technologies mentioned above.


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