Product Introduction: Oil Extraction Solvent H-519

By: Mayuka YAMAMOTO*

2 August 2019

Figure 1 Oil extraction solvent H-519

Author(*) Information: HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.
Oil content analyzer (OCMA series) uses solvent extraction method. The oil extraction solvent H-997 has been used in Japan. However H-997 is going to be prohibited to produce from 2020 due to the Montreal Protocol. An oil extraction solvent H-519 was newly developed instead of H-997. H-519 has low volatility and is easy to handle. The measurement value of H-519 and H-997 are different, but shows consistent correlation. Therefore, H-997 can be replaced to H-519 by compensating the correlation analysis. In this article, the features of H-519, differences from H-997 and tips of solvent switching are introduced.
Key words: Oil concentration Infrared absorption Residual oil Oil extraction solvent

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