Quantum Cascade Lasers in Test Benches — Tracing Additional Exhaust Components using the Latest Measurement Equipment under Test Bench Conditions —

By: Daniel SCHEDER, Matthias SCHRODER, Marcus RIEKER, Hiroshi KAWAMURA

24 September 2012

Proposed legislation as well as new after-treatment devices that comply with recent regulations lead to the need for further analysis capabilities in terms of nitrogen exhaust components such as NO and NO2, NH3 and N2O. This study compares conventional methods, which face difficulties when measuring these compounds, with a new analyzer utilizing Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). After a short description of optical absorption spectroscopy in general and the QCL technology in particular, system setup and sample handling with a QCL analyzer are described. The second part covers a variety of tests conducted at different locations within the HORIBA Group and at different end user laboratories. Subjects discussed include synthetic gas tests that verify the viability of the QCL analyzer as well as engine tests that show the analyzer in comparison with conventional methods for measuring nitrous gases under real test bench conditions. Further aspects such as urea conversion with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and NO2/NOX ratio are discussed. The study shows that QCL technology is capable of mastering the growing challenges facing emission testing.

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