Requirement for Service Activity


10 June 2014

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Co., Ltd. (hereinaf ter HTS) became an independent company from HORIBA, Ltd. (hereinafter HOR) in 2000 in order to improve quality of products including service quality for the entire HORIBA group. Nowadays, analytical instruments and customer’s requirement are diversified year by year. Under this environment, HTS has been catching up customer’s requirement globally, and we have been providing service support in response to such a requirement. On the other hand, HTS has established a service structure that has strong relation with local customers in Japan. In this article, we would like to introduce a total picture of business handled by HTS, then we would like to introduce a service activity of Automotive Test Systems (hereinafter ATS) segment, for example how HTS utilizes ISO/IEC17025 certificate to establish high quality service, how HTS can collect reliable data by using ISO/IEC17025. In addition, we would like to explain how HTS has made countermeasure for various requirements of emission analysis and regulation.

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