Specialized Hematology: An Ambition for HORIBA Medical

By: Jean-Michel GARCIA, Elina ALATERRE, Sébastien RAIMBAULT, Guillaume CARTRON

3 January 2016

Guilhem REQUIRAND, Jerome MOREAUX, Caroline BRET, Jean-François SCHVED

With the increase of cancer occurrences, its management requires novel diagnostic tools, improved performance and adaptation to personalized medicine. Such technological development can only be successful by the convergence of expertise between the medical field and the experience of industry in translating innovation into products. In that spirit, HORIBA Medical teamed up with University Hospital Center (CHRU) of Montpellier. That collaboration is realized by the presence of a HORIBA laboratory within the hospital working closely with local teams. After a successful initial project on Minimal Residual Disease (MRD), the strategy was recently extended to other hemopathies aiming at the discovery of new oncological biomarkers that could advance earlier diagnosis as well as the constitution of an original bio-bank focused on hemopathies and in particular lymphoma and myeloma.

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