Spectroscopic Analysis of Red Wines with A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting


2 February 2019

Figure 5 CIE 1931 x and y coordinates for each of the wine samples.

Author(*) Infomation: HORIBA Instruments Inc.

Abstract:The patented (US patent US8,901,513) Aqualog which facilitates simultaneous Absorbance- Transmission and fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (A-TEEM) technology, provides rapid access to a wide range of parameters of significance in water treatment, drug and protein analysis as well as the food and beverage industry. We think of Aqualog as an instrument for water analysis, but find that it is adept at wine analysis and more. Aqualog acquires a complete UV-VIS spectrum including the wine industry-standard Absorbance wavelength values at 280, 420, 520 and 620 nm which are important to evaluate a wine’s phenolic content, and derive characteristic Hue and Intensity values. Aqualog also reports the Transmission spectrum which can be used to determine the CIElab Tri-Coordinate color descriptions. Aqualog reports a NIST-traceable EEM fingerprint which can be evaluated using multivariate statistics such as PARAFAC (Parallel Factor Analysis) and PCA (Principal Components Analysis). Most importantly, A-TEEM fingerprints yield qualitative and quantitative composition of key flavor and color determinants in grape juice and wine that are not discernible with simple Absorbance or Transmission data analysis.

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