Study of the Transient Motion of Capillarity in Constant Section Tubes

By: Satoshi Ohtsuki

28 February 2011

CAD-CAE team of Information Technology Dept. in Products Design & Engineering Center is engaged in CAE calculations for products designs as one of the main works. We have put importance in them to find out from CAE results the technical information and the directions in which designs should take for high quality products. IN order to carry out them and be always ready to reply requests from wider engineering fields than before, it is necessary for CAE team to understand basic mechanical engineering knowledge more deeply and continue to make an effort to widen our skills for CAE. Through such our team thought as describe above, study of the transient motion of capillarity in constant section tubes is introduced in this paper as one example in which the technical information were got by the theoretical analysis before using CAE and afterword the results were compared with ones got by CAE calculations.

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