Technology for Supporting Cutting-Edge Processes CRITERION D500 Series

By: Kazuya SHAKUDO

3 January 2016

In recent years, along with the trend for scaling-down of semiconductor processes and increasing wafer diameters, there is a demand for higherperformance gas supply systems. In order to meet such a demand, we developed a pressure-based mass flow module, CRITERION D500. The D500 employs a differential pressure flow measurement system for a flowmeasuring unit in a linear flow viscous flow range. Therefore, a highly accurate flow measurement and flow control over a wide flow range for process gas can be achieved. The D500 is equipped with G-LIFE function to diagnose process gas flow changes thereby enabling diagnosis during the process. Accordingly, defective semiconductor wafers due to failure of the mass flow control module can be minimized by using the D500, which is a mass flow module with a selfdiagnosis function essential for the next-generation process.

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