The Trends in Environmental Regulations in China

By: Hu LI

24 November 2013

Problems with environmental pollution are emerging along with the rapid economic growth in China, and measures to protect the environment are becoming increasingly important. The 11th Chinese Five-Year Environmental Protection Plan (2006-2010) set total emission regulation targets for pollutants, and China achieved those goals within that period. The 12th Chinese Five-Year Environmental Protection Plan (2011-2015) contains even more environmental regulations, including environmental measures in various fields, such as air quality, water quality, soil quality, and solid waste. A Chinese national strategy has also been created to help the environmental industry evolve over the long term. This paper will mainly cover new environmental regulations in China since 2011. In the near future, environmental regulations and environmental preservation technologies and know-how that have been used in developed countries will probably be useful in the environmental protection field in China.

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