Trend of Automotive Emission Regulations and Required Measurement Systems in China

By: Hideki NAKANISHI, Toshihiro IKEUCHI

31 May 2012

It is quite important to understand the latest trend of automotive industry in China, whose economy is growing up so fast in 21st century, from both environmental and business point of view. In China, environmental concern comes to be heightened along with automotive industry growth, and vehicle emission standards have been rapidly established for reducing pollutants. In this movement, emission measurement systems for R&D and/or certification purposes, which contribute to reduce pollutants in engine emissions, are highly demanded. This paper describes the latest trend of automotive industry in China and Chinese emission regulations for light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles and non-road engines. HORIBA’s solution and products are also introduced as required measurement systems for Chinese emission regulations and as appropriate measurement and control systems for R&D of next generation vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles.

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