What Do We Need Other than Luck? — XGT and Its Subsequent Research —

By: Hiromoto Nakazawa*

23 September 2008

*National Institute for Materials Science

XGT (X-ray Guide Tube) has history as already 25 years passed since its first presentation. Although the idea to install a long XGT in the second generation photon factory (PF) was rejected, the technology of XGT won a degree of success in the form of HORIBA's X-ray analytical microscope XGT series partly thanks to a number of luck. Luck is indispensable to win Nobel Prize or victory in high school baseball at Koshien, but what else do we need to get a success? In this report, I am writing about the circumstances, basic ideas, the process of development and how I shifted my focus to research on the theory on the origin of life after XGT so as to provide you some food for thought.

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