XF-100 series Pressure Base Liquid Digital Mass Flow Meter

By: Hidetaka YADA

3 January 2016

In order to accommodate higher performance of semiconductor devices, higher efficiency process, and improvement of the productivity, we developed the XF series, a pressure type mass flow meter with a measurement method fully renewed for the first time in a quarter century. The XF series is equipped with oil-free safe pressure sensors of the electrostatic capacitance type, thereby enabling a single path structure even in a flow range of 5 g/min or more. This may also reduce flow errors due to residence of bubbles. The XF series also achieves an improved sensor linearity and an accuracy of ±0.8% F.S. by using physical property values of materials in the flow conversion formula, which corresponds to an improvement of 20% compared to existing meters. A faster response within 0.8 sec is also achieved, enabling a reduction in time for the flow rate to be stable by speeding up the time, which contributes to a reduction in the amount of use of expensive high-technology materials.

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