To monitor trace quantities of organic, inorganic, toxic… substances in air, water and soil
Monitoring oil samples, characterisation of individual components in aqueous and solid matrices; 3-D matrices and contour mapping e.g CDOM EEMs. Monitoring Coral health
Singlet Oxygen studies

ICP-OES is widely and routinely used for the analysis of waters – both environmental and those resulting from industrial waste streams. We have a range of ICP-OES instruments suitable for differing applications

Low level detection and control of classified WEEE/RoHS/ELV elements is an essential part of any product development. These XRF instruments have been optimised to give the ultimate performance for these elements

A number of techniques such as SPRi and Capillary Electrophoresis can be successfully deployed to enhance detection of biological hazards. Please see our Biotechnology Applications page

HORIBA supply an impressive range of hand-held and bench-top instruments to monitor a number of important parameters in water quality