Non-invasive, non-destructive analysis through glass containers with no need for dilution and no water interference.

Food flavour and texture can be greatly influenced by the particle size of ingredients such as cocoa, sugar & coffee.
Other foods and flavourings consist of, or contain, emulsions whose stability is affected by particle/droplet size.

The inherent specificity, selectivity, and adaptability of biosensors make them ideal candidates for use throughout the food industry for the testing of foodstuffs for maximum pesticide residue verification through to the routine analysis of analyte concentrations, such as, glucose, sucrose and alcohol.

The range of ICP-OES instruments are ideal for detecting trace elements in ingredients or final products

Used in the production of barrier coatings in food packaging such as plastic films and bottles.

Nutritional quality, shelf life of food to identify sources of contamination, vulnerability to infectious growth, micro-organisms, molds and pesticides
Tests on packaging as a possible source of contamination