A range of Forensic Light Sources for use at the crime sceane to the Laboratory. They are the ultimate units in their categories featuring the most wavelengths and highest intensity (best sensitivity in searching mode)

From small AFIS/APIS desktop PC systems for Police Dept's who want more control of their searches and more accuracy, to AFIS Lab configurations for comparison of latents with a known list of suspects to Server/Multi-Workstation Systems for large police forces

UV Reflectance allows the detection of untreated fingerprints, as well as fingerprints that have only been processed with cyanoacrylate fuming (superglue evaporation). The intensification also allows the detection of faint luminol treated stains

Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Comparison include all solutions for the laboratory and the crime scene to digitally capture prints, enhance them with innovative optical and software tools, and extract minutiae for side by side comparisons and case presentations.

Elemental Characterisation and Mapping:- Fingerprints, metal and/or glass fragments, gunshot residue, currency fraud, gemstones...
The XGT X-ray Fluorescence micro-analyzers combine the fast, non-destructive elemental analysis of energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) with the capability to pinpoint individual particles with diameters down to 10 ┬Ám in size

Fully automated Raman microscopes allow fast non-destructive chemical micro-analysis and automated high definition Raman chemical imaging.
Non-destructive and in-situ identification of controlled drugs, narcotics, inks, fibres, documents and explosive materials.