Metals can produce difficult matrices and very complex emission spectra. The Ultima2 provides the best resolution available, enabling low limits of detection in even the most difficult samples.

Controlling carbon and sulphur levels in metallic products is essential to producing products with the strength, hardness and longevity required

Excess levels of oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen in metallic products can lead to drastically compromised performance and end in the failure of critical components. The EMGA series of instruments provide unrivalled  performance in this essential analysis

In analysing at the efficacy of surface treatments or protective coatings, GD-OES provides elemental depth profiling information in minutes. It is used widely in producing metallic products resistant to corrosion

Metal oxides, in contrast to most metals, are well known to be easily distinguished by their characteristic Raman spectra; their presence can be detected on a scale of micrometers with a Raman microprobe

HORIBA has experience of producing “nuclearised” versions of many instruments for use in glove boxes, fume hood, hot cells etc.