One of the principal characterisation tools for diamond and amorphous carbon films.

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy provides elemental depth profile information at nm depth resolution – very quickly and without the need for high vacuum conditions.  For ultra trace quantities, the PP-ToF-MS is even more sensitive.

The efficacy of coatings often depends on the quality of materials used in the coating material. Careful control of particle size can be critical.

Careful monitoring of contaminants in coating materials leads to greater understanding and control of the coating’s properties.

Chemical reactions on solid and metal surfaces
Monitor quality of paints, plastics, polymers, optical brighteners, phosphor coatings...

Internal structure and chemical compositional information on a nanometre scale; mechanical strain, trace elements...

Spectroscopic ellipsometers are the perfect tools for the characterization of optical coatings by delivering accurate thin film thickness and optical constants results. Ellipsometers also allow the characterization of interfaces, roughness, optically graded and/or anisotropic films.