HORIBA Welcomes Back Raman Expert to UK Technical Team

5 December 2018

HORIBA UK Ltd. is pleased to welcome back Dr. Simon FitzGerald to its Scientific team in the role of Technical Manager.  He will lead the company’s team of application and product specialists to help further HORIBA’s position as a world-leading manufacturer of spectroscopic instrumentation.

Dr. FitzGerald will also work closely with users across the United Kingdom and Ireland, to help identify new application areas applicable to the broad HORIBA product portfolio. His first major task will be to lead the organization and scientific content of RamanFest 2019, the international conference on advanced applied Raman spectroscopy, which will be held in Oxford, UK, in June 2019.

Simon gained his doctorate from Durham University in the field of steady-state and time-resolved nanosecond fluorescence, and joined HORIBA UK Ltd in 2002.  He enjoyed a number of sales, applications and customer support roles before moving to HORIBA’s Raman center of excellence in Lille, France as a Product Manager. During this time, he was involved in developing new applications for HORIBA’s core technologies, and worked with scientists across the country in many diverse fields, including catalysis, disease diagnosis, forensics, gemstones, geology/mineralogy, materials science, micro-biology, quantum dots, semiconductor science etc.  As Product Manager, he led the revitalisation of HORIBA’s LabSpec software, including developments of new functionality, such as 3D imaging and ParticleFinder™, the automated particle Raman analyzer from HORIBA.  After a few years working outside the HORIBA group as a Product Manager for trace explosive detectors used within aviation security, Simon decided to return to HORIBA UK Ltd.

“I am looking forward to embedding myself back into the UK scientific community and working with researchers to further science through the application of HORIBA’s analysers,” he said. “HORIBA Scientific is rightly known as a leader in measurement and analytical devices, and I want to ensure that we work closely with our customers to further their analyses and research with our equipment. Close customer collaboration will also allow us to identify new areas where our products can make a difference, and springboard development of new solutions to address the need of scientists across the world.”

Chris Kemp, Director at HORIBA UK Ltd, said, “We are very excited to welcome Simon back to HORIBA and to be part of the Scientific Segment at HORIBA UK. I can think of no one better to lead our technical and application teams for the benefit of both the company and our customers.”