Optical Characterization of CIGS by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

4 October 2016

Join us for our live webinar on Optical Characterization of CIGS by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, held on Thursday, October 20th, at 10 am and 5 pm CEST.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry is an efficient and non-destructive method for extracting optical constants of materials in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges. The optical constants (n,k) of a material are among the most important sets of optical data and are specific to the material being studied.
During this webinar, you will learn how to define a strategy to perform quantitative Spectroscopic Ellipsometry on CIGS semiconducting thin films. CIGS is among the most efficient absorbers for photovoltaic solar conversion. Deployed as thin or ultra thin films, CIGS optical characterization is as important in its preparation stage as in the modeling of cell stacks. However the determination of CIGS optical constants is a very complex challenge, particularly for SE when it is used as a unique and direct experimental method.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Develop a strategy to characterize rough CIGS surfaces
  • Choice of the dispersion law and fitting procedure
  • (n,k) determination for different CIGS compositions
  • Treatment of moderate natural roughness
  • Perspectives for using "our CIGS optical dispersion"

Who Should Attend?

  • Lab managers and analysts operating ellipsometers who are interested in CIGS and rough layer characterization
  • Scientists working in semiconductor laboratories, especially those dealing with photovoltaics
  • Scientists working on layer growth
  • Anyone who has an interest in spectroscopic ellipsometry



CĂ©line Eypert
Application Specialist
HORIBA Scientific

Dr Arnaud Etcheberry
Director of Lavoisier
vInstitute, Versailles, France