Ultra-Fast Depth Profiling by PP-TOFMS

24 July 2015

Watch our video and discover a new material characterization technique already implemented in a very compact and commercially available instrument. Understand how you can get in few minutes the elemental depth distribution of any element for a wide range of materials. The speed of Plasma Profiling TOFMS results from a high density, low energy sputtering plasma and the ultra-fast full mass coverage TOFMS detection.

Minimal sample preparation coupled with no UHV sample transfer environment also contributes to the high speed of analysis and makes PP-TOFMS a user friendly tool easily implementable in a variety of scientific and engineering applications.

PP-TOFMS analysis will give you quick answers about your “just-deposited” or “just-processed layers” or any solid sample you wish to analyze. It will provide valuable information about depth distribution of major elements, profiles of dopants, identification of unexpected contaminants, and quality of interfaces within the nanometer scale. It is important to note that not only any element can be detected but the technique is also “nearly equally sensitive” to all elements, except for H, C, N, and O, since the ionization process is totally separated from the sputtering process. This permits a standard-free, instantaneous semi-quantification analysis of your sample with an atomic concentration range spanning orders of magnitudes in a single measurement.

PP-TOFMS will save you time in the optimization of layer deposition process and fabrication method for a wide range of materials applications such as microelectronics, photovoltaics, and optoelectronics.

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