Application Notes

  • ICP06 : Quantitative Analysis of Soil Extracts with ICP-OES.
  • ICP10 : Analysis of Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine in water using ICP-OES
  • ICP24 : Analysis of Dust Samples
  • ICP25 : Very Rapid Analysis of Supply Water, Sludge From Purification Station and Animal Food
  • ICP35 : Waste Water and Soil Analysis
  • ICP36 : ILM05 CLP Analysis using a Fast Sequential (ULTIMA 2) and High-Throughput Combination Simultaneous/Sequential (ULTIMA 2CE) ICP-OES
  • ICP37 : Repeatability of Traces and Major Elements in Water
  • ICP43 : Analysis of Incineration Solvents
  • ICP48 : Brine analysis with the Ultima Expert ICP-OES
  • ICP49 : Fast Analysis of Waste Water using ACTIVA-M ICP-AES

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