Application Notes

  • ICP12: Analysis in Geology - 1% HF and 4 g/L Boric Acid, 10g/L Lithium Metaborate and 10g/L Lithium Tetraborate
  • ICP41 : Interest of a Semi-Quantitative Method for Geological Samples
  • ICP45 : Geological Samples By ACTIVA-M ICP-AES
  • ICP46 : MASTER Assistance for Impurity Analysis in a Nb/Ni/Zr Matrix
  • ICP59 : Analysis of Traces of Rare Earth Elements in a Rare Earth Element matrix using High Resolution ICP-OES
  • ICP61 : Analysis of Trace Elements in a CeO 2 Matrix using ICP-OES
  • ICP62 : Analysis of Nd Fe B in a Magnetic Materials using ICP-OES
  • ICP63 : Trace analysis in Nd Fe B Samples for Magnetic Materials using ICP-OES

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