Optical coatings

Spectroscopic ellipsometers are the perfect tools for the characterization of optical coatings by delivering accurate thin film thickness and optical constants results. Ellipsometers also allows the characterization of interface, roughness, gradient and anisotropy.

Application Notes

  • SE-04:Characterization of Chalcogenide Glasses
  • Characterization of ZrO2SE-06:Thin Films on Glass Substrates
  • Characterization of TiO2SE-07:Thin Films and Multilayer Antireflective Coatings
  • SE-11:Determination of the Refractive Index of Y2O3 on Glass and Pre-evaporated Substrates by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
  • SE-12:Spectroscopic Ellipsometry study of ZnO thin films
  • SE-17:Characterization of Electrochromic Devices by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

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