Which Spectral Range to Choose?

The spectral range of an ellipsometer is very important as it determines the possible applications. More the spectral range is broad, more the information is relevant that provides the most accurate characterization of the sample under test.

FUV Applications

NIR Applications

  • Characterization of materials exhibiting a special behavior in the FUV (anisotropy, absorption) such as high k, organic materials, plastic films…
  • Enhance the accuracy for:

    • Ultra-thin film measurement
    • Films with low index contrast
    • Complex films exhibiting graded or anisotropic behavior

  • Optical constants measurement at each lithography line (193, 248, 365 nm)
  • Longer wavelengths ensure a transparent region for thickness measurements of all the materials absorbing in the visible range, such as semiconductors (compound alloys, silicon…)
  • Enhance the accuracy for the characterization of thick films above 5 µm in general
  • Optical constants measurement for telecommunication applications (1550, 1300