HORIBA Scientific has invented the new generation of scientific spectroscopic ellipsometer that delivers the highest level of performance for nano and micro layer characterization.

The UVISEL 2 includes the widest range of integrated automated features useful for the investigation of all material family.

The UVISEL 2 features a patented sample vision coupled with automated spot selection for accurate positioning of the measurement spot and region on the sample.

The UVISEL 2 integrates the world’s smallest patented achromatic spot size of 35μm capable of covering a large spectral range from FUV to NIR for measurement of very small sample areas.

Driven by the DeltaPsi2 software, the UVISEL 2 is simple to operate and has the performance required characterizing all current materials as well as the next generation materials and structures.

HORIBA Scientific started with what has proven to be the most accurate and sensitive ellipsometer, the UVISEL, and redesigned and improved everything to deliver an instrument with a remarkably higher specification than any other instrument.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


  • Scanning Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer:190-880nm
  • Vision system providing a real-time colour image of the sample and exact measurement spot using the ellipsometer head.

  • Computer controlled Microspots

    • Choice of 8 different spot sizes to suit the feature size of sample.
    • Achromatic microspot optics down to 35 µm

  • Computer controlled variable angle goniometer

    • Angle range 35° - 90°
    • Allows Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

  • Computer controlled 200mm x 200mm XYZ Stage

    • For automated sample mapping
    • 200mm square sample holder with 2 reference samples attached
    • Automatic Z-height adjustment : 40mm with Autofocus

  • Motorised Sample Tilt Alignment

    • Alignment of the sample by laser system

  • 150 W Xenon light source

  • Double Monochromator System for UV-Vis Range

    • 190nm – 880nm (stray light rejection < 0.5% at 190nm)
    • Twin PMT detectors for highest sensitivity and dynamic range

NIR Extension up to 2100 nm

  • Monochromator for NIR Range

    • 880nm – 2100nm.
    • InGaAs detector

  • Computer and Delta Psi2 Software package

    • Acquisition, Calibration and Data interpretation
    • Automatic Calibration

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