Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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The TB-01 contains a high-speed leading-edge discriminator circuit that can be configured to detect positive or negative pulses and to trigger on rising or falling edges. NIM or TTL-compatible outputs can be selected, and both the threshold voltage and blocking width/output duration can be adjusted.


The TB-01 pulse converter/discriminator has more uses than we can think of. Here are just a few...

  • Use the TB-01 with a photodiode to generate sync pulses from your mode-locked laser with picosecond timing performance
  • Convert positive and negative pulses to fast-NIM
  • Convert positive and negative pulses to 50Ω TTL
  • Convert fast-NIM to TTL and vice versa
  • The TB-01 can even be used as a photomultiplier discriminator

Performance Data


Application 1: Laser synchronization

This TCSPC instrument response function from a femtosecond laser was obtained using a photodiode and the TB-01 pulse converter on the Start channel and a MCP-PMT on the Stop channel.  The TB-01 was close-coupled to the photodiode on the optical table.  The TB-01’s jitter contribution is negligible in this case.

Application 2: TB-01 as photomultiplier discriminator

Comparison of a linear-focused PMT’s instrument response function measured using a TB-01 and a NIM style leading-edge discriminator.  FWHMs obtained were 1.60ns for both devices.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


Pulse pair resolving time

10ns. Maximum counting rate 100MHz.

Blocking width/output duration

5ns to 65ns nominal. Internally adjustable.


-1V to +1V nominal. Internally adjustable.


Fast NIM compatible or TTL compatible (2.2V nom peak @ >10ns 50Ω).


NIM standard QLA/Lemo00 for input/output, Lemo 0B303 for power.


34mm x 64mm x 58mm.

Power requirements

+15V @ +200mA. Internally regulated.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.