Clark-MXR, Inc.

Ultrashort Pulse Laser built by Clark-MXR, Inc. are represented and serviced Europe wide by HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH

Clark-MXR is one of the leading companies in the field of Femto- and Picosecond Laser systems. Clark-MXR is especially known for their amplified CPA systems, based on the so called "chirped pulse amplification" (CPA) technique.

The main field of application for these ultrashort pulse laser systems is in fundamental research in time-resolved spectroscopy, see application note. Different kinds of Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPA) and other means of enlarging the frequency range have been developed parallel to the CPA systems over the years. The use of these versatile frequency converters increases the potential application range to many colour experiments. Applications in the field of femtosecond micro-machining focus more on the industrial market.

Clark-MXR as a company "of the first hour" (founded in 1989, shortly after the innovation of the CPA technology by Gerard Mourou), has contributed significantly to the development of this technology and its translation into commercially viable solutions.

This innovative approach led e.g. in 1997 to the introduction of the CPA-2000 Series into the market. This series represents the first fully integrated amplifier system in the market, integrating all components from the pump laser over the femtosecond oscillator to the amplifier within a single box. Beyond the scientific market, these systems have been developed for industrial applications, where stability and compactness are of major concern. The wide range of frequency converters (several OPA systems, SHG/THG for Femto- and Picosecond pulses) deliver solutions for a wide wavelength range (200nm - 20µm). Especially, the systems of the NOPA-Series make it possible to achieve sub-30 fs pulses over a wide tuning range (250 -1600 nm). Equipment to analyze these ultrashort pulses (autocorrelators, spectrometers etc.) completes our product range.

A new product, which focuses especially on combining the core competences of Clark-MXR and HORIBA Jobin Yvon is the model TAPPS, a complete Transient Absorption Pump-Probe Spectrometer to help investigating time-resolved absorption changes of different species.

In 2005 Clark-MXR presented a new Laser-System, the Fibre-Amplifier Model Impulse. This system includes a fibre laser model Magellan, which delivers low energy femtosecond pulses, which are amplified in several fibre amplifiers to pulse energies of 10µJ and higher. This system delivers an average power of up to 20W at 2MHz. The repetition rate is user adjustable between 200KHz and 25MHz. The pulse length is < 250fs. With this system interesting results in micromachining and pumping OPA´s have already been achieved in the field.

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