TAPPS is a complete pump/probe transient absorption system designed to assist scientists in understanding the deactivation dynamics of excited states. Applications of this spectro-scopic technique extend from the fundamental studies of energy and electron transfer proc-esses in physics, chemistry and biology to the design of logic gates in molecular electronics.


  • All-in-one box set-up for measuring transient absorption
  • Compact version optimized for ease-of-use
  • UV pump (CPA w/ SHG, THG) for highest compactness
  • Probe wavelength coverage: 450 - 900 nm from Sapphire White Light Continuum
  • Standard temporal window 1.6 ns
  • 200 fs temporal resolution
  • Chirp compensation
  • Provides full 3D data set in 30 minutes
  • Repetition rate: optimized for the kHz performance from a CPA-21xx system from Clark-MXR
  • Standard detection sensitivity: 2 x 10 -4
  • Option with reference channel

Manufactured by HORIBA


TAPPS Schematic