Calibration Service

nist traceable calibration, photometer calibration, spectroradiometer calibration, photometric calibration service

HORIBA Scientific UK offer a fully traceable NPL recalibration service. We offer a fully manufacturer approved recalibration service for Photo Research manufactured equipment, including spectroradiometer calibration (radiance calibration), photometer calibration (photometric calibration), video photometer calibration and a colourimeter calibration service.

We offer irradiance calibrations service over the range 200 to 2500 nm and radiance calibrations from 380 to 1100 nm as well as illuminance and luminance calibrations.

The periodic recalibration of any absolute light measuring equipment is critical to maintaining their accuracy, and therefore the accuracy of your measurements.

To discuss your requirements in more detail or to schedule a recalibration service (fully NPL traceable calibration service) please contact us on +44 (20) 8204 8142 or