Production Line measurement of Flat Panel Displays just got faster with the launch of a range a spectroradiometers designed specifically for the Industrial Market. Photo Research has combined their existing proven technology for highly sensitive instruments with a measurement time more acceptable for high throughput Industrial applications.

The ATAKT Series includes a range of sensitivities and speeds to meet your requirements no matter how demanding. The V-7HS, is capable of measuring 0.5 cd/m² in 250 ms total measurement time (tested for LED backlit LCDs). The V-7WD provides a high-speed solution for those applications such as LCD BLUs, where higher intensities are more frequently measured and the V-6AQL offers a cost effective solution for applications such as AQL, IQC or OQC testing where speed may not be as critical an issue.

ATAKT Production Solutions


The A-TAKT V-5HSC features a unique all-in-one design. Detector, processor and display all reside in the probe. Eliminating the need for a separate controller makes the V-5HSC the smallest and lightest contact colorimeter available.


The V-6AQL offers the ultimate cost effective solution for less speed critical applications such as AQL, IQC or OQC testing.


The V-7HS is our most sensitive and fastest offering, measuring 0.5 cd/m² at 250 ms total measurement time (tested for LED backlit LCD’s). Comparable spectroradiometers can take almost 14 seconds to perform the same task.


The V-7WD provides high-speed solutions for those applications, such as LCD BLU's, where higher intensity devices need testing.