Software Options

SpectraWin™ 2 Lite Operating Software

Full featured, menu driven, Windows software. Calculates luminance, CIE chromaticity, correlated colour temperature, dominant wavelength and excitation purity from measured spectral data. Provides features such as graphically represented spectral distribution and CIE colour space (1931 and 1976), data manipulation (math functions) save/recall binary or ASCII files, print graphics screens or tabular data, reflectance/ transmittance L*a*b, L*u*v* measurements, ΔE Colour Difference and Colour Rendering Indices (CRI) of lamp sources. Operates under Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

All software is serialized to an instrument. One licensed copy needs to be purchase per instrument.

SpectraWin™ 2 Pro Operating Software

Includes all of the capabilities of SpectraWin™ 2 Lite and also features a Macro Option allowing the user to create macros that can generate automated test sequences.

One licensed copy per instrument must be purchased.

SpectraWin™ 2 RGB DisplayCal Module

Optional module in SpectraWin™ 2 Lite or Pro designed for spectrally based white point calibrations of CRT's, LCD's, PDP's and digital projectors. Calibration is based on "learned" RGB values or user entered Y, xy, CCT values. Calibration is facilitated by on-screen graphical feedback of an RGB bar graph or a moving colour point within a CIE diagram. Must be purchase with SpectraWin™ 2.

One licensed copy per instrument must be purchased.

Dynamic Link Library (.DLL)

Fully documented library that can be used in C++, Visual Basic, and LabView applications for measurement control and data transfer from the instrument.

Includes SpectraWin™ 2 Lite software. One licensed copy per instrument must be purchased.