VideoWin software


A key component of any video photometer system is the hardware control / data analysis software. This is the "brains" of the system and determines how the image is captured, and how the captured image is analysed. VideoWin™ utilises the patented Optimise data capture algorithm that, as the name implies, optimises the optics and detector exposure time for the available signal. We've also included a variation that enables the user to optimise the system to specific areas of the image. This provides great flexibility to displays that exhibit a wide range of output levels. Both packages can export calculated results (luminance, chromaticity, uniformity) to specified cells in an Excel spreadsheet. Helps automate measurement sequences, including exporting data to Excel, using "point-and click" macros.

VideoWin™ is designed to analyse flat panel displays such as LCDs, OLEDs, PDPs, ELPs and edge-lit / backlit technologies.


VideoWin™ 3 software is the latest in the family of Windows based Digital Video Photometer control software.

VideoWin™ has been specifically designed measure and analyse display panels. These may be standard desktop devices or parts that will be integrated into systems such as military and commercial ground vehicles (cars, trucks etc.) and military, commercial and private aircraft.

Speed up measurements by using the advantages of a two dimensional detector system like the PR-920 and PR-905, then using VideoWin™ 3 software to analyse the result.  With this powerful combination, what might have taken hours using traditional single measurement techniques, can now be done in minutes.

VideoWin™ 3 software

VideoWin™ 3 screen showing 3D Luminance Profile of three (Rectangle, Ellipse & Polygon) Area of Regard and displayed using Pseudocolor

VideoWin™ 3 software

Uniformity measurements

VideoWin™ 3 software

Optional colour measurements (PR-920 only)

Manufactured by Photo Research


VideoWin Lite Software

Windows software that includes the capability to control PR-905 and PR-920 video photometers for luminance and contrast measurements, line width, 2-D luminance profile, pseudo-colour and up to 5 simultaneous measurement locations (AORs).

Minimum computer requirements: Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 2Gb DDR RAM, 256Mb Video Memory, 1 free PCI slot, CD-ROM, Windows XP Pro.

VideoWin Pro Software

The pro version of the software includes all the capabilities of the lite package and adds unlimited
simultaneous measurement locations (AORs), individual pixel analysis and macro programming for automated analysis.