Spectrometer Controllers

HORIBA Scientific offer a number of control options for the spectrometer range including TTL control, RS232/IEEE488 interfaces, hand-held controllers, control electronics and full software controlled systems.

Three standard controllers are available for our systems, these include the HandScan which allows full control of the spectrometer system but does not include any acquisition options, the SpectrAcq2 data acquisition module and the DataScan which is a high specification spectrometer control combined with data acquisition.

The DataScan can be used with any detector with a current or voltage output, whilst the SpectrAcq2 can be used with all detectors including photon counting detectors.

The DataScan and SpectrAcq2 can be controlled through user written software or alternatively through our own fully featured Windows Software.

Instruments supplied with RS232 or IEEE488 interfaces include example control commands and full information on control protocols required to control the instrument.

A dedicated Controller for TCSPC instruments is also available (FluoroHub).

Acquisition Controllers


The SpectrAcq2 is not just another readout system - it's a compact, high speed, high performance spectral data acquisition controller designed for advanced spectroscopy and light measurement applications.

Lock-in Amplifier

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