Syncerity CCD Deep Cooled Cameras


Syncerity Scientific CCD Cameras

Affordability with no compromise on performance for Spectroscopy Applications

The deep cooled Syncerity scientific CCD cameras are the most cost effective cameras in their class. With three sensors to choose from, the Syncerity covers a wide range of spectroscopy applications such as UV-Vis-NIR photoluminescence, Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy. The Syncerity CCD cameras benefit from the latest electronic designs, delivering performances once provided only by high-end scientific cameras.



Spectroscopy Benefits for Research and OEM

Unmatched Readout Noise

 Unmatched Readout Noise at a speed of 45 kHz

Unparalleled Linearity & Dynamic Range

Measured values on each camera exhibit outstanding performance:
92.5 dB typical dynamic range with <0.4% non linearity.

Deep Thermoelectric Cooling (Minimum)

For very low dark current
-60 °C @ +25 °C ambient for OE
-50 °C @ +25 °C ambient for BI

UV and NIR Quantum Efficiency Enhancement

Back Illuminated with UV and NIR QE enhancement
Front Illuminated Open Electrode for broad QE

Ultra Compact size

Ideal for use on microscopes and OEM integration

Life time Vacuum Warranty

All metal sealed technology provides a maintenance -free permanent vacuum.

PC Interface

USB 2.0 high speed with 100% data integrity. No controller box.

Ruggedized Connectors

Maintains overall system integrity in industrial environments

Open Electrode CCD Technology

Broad spectral coverage with QE of 27% at 250 nm and 55% at 800 nm.

Scientific Grade 1 CCD

1024 x 256 - 26 µm pixel size for Front Illuminated Open Electrode Syncerity
2048 x 70 – 14  µm pixel size for Back Illuminated UV and NIR Syncerity

Flexible Input & Output Trigger Interface

Experiment synchronization with External Trigger In & TTL Shutter Out with programmable edge triggering

LabView VIs and SDK available.

Flexible software to integrate a Syncerity CCD into existing apparatus or as an OEM component.

Manufactured by HORIBA


SDrive-500 Shutter Control Unit

Designed to control the activation/opening of an electro-shutter during the interval when the CCD is being exposed to light.


Front Entrance Internal CCD Shutter when used with iHR series HORIBA Spectrometers


Side Entrance Internal CCD Shutter when used with iHR series HORIBA Spectrometers


Shutter multiplexer when two HORIBA array detectors are used on HORIBA Spectrometers


Resolution Array adapter for HORIBA array detectors when used with iHR series HORIBA Spectrometers


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