High Performance Detectors

As experts in optical spectroscopy, HORIBA Scientific is able to offer the most extensive range of detector options for its Raman spectrometer systems. In-house and third party detector options can be accommodated easily. Industry leading performance is offered by the various detector options - providing outstanding sensitivity, high speed, low noise, ruggedness and durability.

CCD detectors:

The widest range of CCD detectors is available offering enhanced chip formats (typically 1024 x 256 or 2048 x 512 pixel size) LN2 or air cooling options.

Enhanced options fo

  • UV
  • VIS
  • NIR wavelengths
  • Spectral resolution

The HORIBA Scientific Raman spectrometer designs can each incorporate the full width CCD chip options offering the best level of spectral coverage and performance possible.

NIR detectors:

Extended sampling covering the NIR 800nm - 2.2 ┬Ám is available through one of the NIR detector modules.

  • Single channel.
  • Low noise Multi-channel array - fully integrated and computer controlled.
  • Optional lock-in amplifier and chopper systems are available.

Specialised Time resolved:

HORIBA Scientific are the worlds leading experts in Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and now ICCD, PMT, and SPAD detector systems can be added to many HORIBA Scientific Raman systems to expand Raman and PL into the time-domain.

Please contact your local HORIBA Scientific representative to discuss the best detector options for you.