What hardware is required for a Raman spectrometer?

There are two methods by which a Raman spectrum is obtained Dispersive Raman and FT-Raman. Each uses a different method and hardware by which to obtain the Raman spectrum.

(i) Dispersive Raman has become the largest and most widely used of the Raman systems, the instrument will typically consist of a monochromator (spectrometer or spectrograph), a CCD detector, and various laser sources- ranging from UV to NIR. A microscope is often used to enable micron scale analysis to be undertaken.

(ii) FT-RAMAN is generally confined to routine bulk analysis in recent times - the system will use a 1064nm laser, an interferometer and a LN2 cooled NIR detector.

Schematic of a Dispersive Raman Single Spectrometer