What are hybrid / combined Raman techniques (SNOM, dual Raman/FTIR, laser tweezers)?

The advantages of Raman microscopy are now well established, and researchers have in recent times looked to couple the spectroscopic power of Raman with other techniques.

Combining micro-Raman with micro FT-IR analysis was an obvious choice. Systems such as the LabRAM IR2 can provide very useful information utilizing these two vibrational spectroscopies. Forensic science, catalysts and pharmaceutical studies tend to benefit from such an approach as the two techniques can provide complementary but subtly different information. Eg. Raman is good at C-C backbones in polymers, whilst FTIR can be useful for looking at absorbed species or polymer side groups.

Similarly, it is now possible to couple laser tweezer systems (used to capture single particles) and tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) upon Raman systems such as the LabRAM to enable specialized measurements to be undertaken.