Etched Silicon Chip

Etched Silicon Chip
  • System:LabRAM HR
  • Time per point:1ms
  • Step size: 1µm
  • Data points: 1,002,001

High resolution ultra-fast SWIFT™ Raman imaging of an etched silicon chip over a 1mm2 area.  The image illustrates the presence of crystalline silicon (red), stressed silicon (yellow) and amorphous silicon (green).  The blue areas correspond to a metal coating on the chip, which results in zero Raman signal.

With over one million data points in the image, this data highlights the new capabilities of ultra-fast Raman imaging – namely, the ability for large area survey scans and high resolution sub-micron imaging to be acquired in a single data set.  The left hand image shows the full 1mm2 area, whilst the right hand image illustrates the detailed imaging which is possible by zooming in on the indicated area – note that both images come from a single experimental data set.