Pharmaceutical Tablet – API Distribution

Pharmaceutical Tablet – API Distribution
  • System:XploRA™
  • Time per point:(1) 200 ms,
    (2) 100 ms, (3) 210 ms
  • Step size: (1) 50 µm,
    (2) 10 µm, (3) 2 µm
  • Data points: (1) 50,901,
    (2) 90,601, (3) 90,601

Three Raman maps have been acquired, moving from a large area low resolution whole tablet image, through to a high resolution small area of interest to analyse individual grains/particles in detail.

In the whole tablet map (1), covering a 7 x 18 mm2 area, the major constituents of aspirin (red), paracetamol (green) and caffeine (blue) are visible, in addition to the tablet coating (pink).  A higher resolution image (2) highlights a fourth component (cellulose – in yellow) widely spread across the tablet, but present only in small, discrete areas.  The final image (3) was acquired with 2 µm step, and allows the size and shape of individual cellulose grains to be observed.