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The XploRA Examina™ is the highly versatile, yet easy to use Raman microscope targeted at the Forensic analytical sector.  It combines optical microscopy, with sensitive Raman analysis in a “ONE shot “analysis concept.  Raman has never been so easy and yet so powerful in the Forensic Lab.

The XploRA Examina™ offers simplicity in design and operation so that the Forensic analyst can focus on the sample measurements and routine analysis that is important, obtaining results not just spectra.

It provides class leading sensitivity and confocal detail, full optical microscopy yet requires only minimal operator training and maintenance. With HORIBA’s innovative SWIFT™ Raman chemical imaging system and KIA database as standard the Examina™ is ideally matched to the needs of the busy Forensic Laboratory. The XploRA Examina™ philosophy ensures that Raman has become an even more accessible analytical technique for the Forensic analyst.


The XploRA Examina™ is available in 2 options; the XploRA Examina One™ and the XploRA Examina Plus™, these systems are based on the renown and extremely well tested XploRA ONE and XploRA Plus™ Raman Microscope systems but they have been configured to perfectly match the requirements of Forensic examinations. The XploRA Raman Microscopes have an excellent reputation as highly versatile Raman microscope that combine ease of use with functionality and performance for the analytical lab.

The main features of the two systems are:

Raman in Forensic

Raman is an ideal technique for Forensic science offering high quality data, reliability and significant speed advantages over other analytical techniques. Benefits for the analysis of trace samples not only include the range of samples that can be analysed but also in the non-destructive nature of the analysis. Raman microscopy enables easier comparative analysis, unknown chemical identification and improved value for money.

Microsope Image of 3 white fibres

Raman spectroscopic analysis gives chemical "fingerprint" identification of fibres, paint chips, explosives, GSR, Inks and narcotics/controlled drugs - virtually all types of trace analysis. Whereas Raman chemical imaging gives the ability to chemically image a sample to see layers, optical section samples, and to see sample homogeneity or contaminants.

Colour coded Raman image of a tablet
Colour coded Raman image of a tablet highlighting the spatial distribution of the various chemical components

The full confocal sensitivity of the  XploRA Examina™ enables sub-micron scale particles to be isolated from the background and analysed, whilst HORIBA's unique SWIFT Fast Raman imaging enables sample regions of interest to be spectroscopically located and analysed. Minimal sample preparation and ease of in-situ analysis is ideal for the measurement of unknown and potentially hazardous samples

With more than 5000 samples in the optional spectral databases and additional commercial databases available, Raman identification becomes easy and reliable. An advanced Mixture analysis module can cope with complex mixture of powders and liquid samples, whilst functional group analysis can help identify important “chemical markers”.

Benefits of Raman XploRA Examina™Open


  • NIST traceable calibration standards and Standard “SOP”’s
  • Patented autocalibration (focus free, ASTM, NIST traceable) ensures data is always correctly validated and its precision assured
  • CFR 21 electronic records optional module provides data logging and authenticity

Manufactured by HORIBA


XploRA Examina One™ - package Ref. XP ONE-XPEF-1
Research grade microscope, 10x, 50x objectives, macrosampler, 3MP top camera, reflected and transmitted light illumination, polarised light, motorised XY and Z motor, class (I) safety, computer with pre-installed LS6.3 software, spectral database, 785 nm 100 mW CLDS laser

XploRA Examina Plus™ - package Ref. XP PLUS-XPEF-3
Research grade microscope, 10x, 50x LWD,100x objectives, macrosampler, 3MP top camera, trinoc with eyepieces reflected and transmitted light illumination polarised light, motorised XY and Z motor, class (I) safety, Computer with pre-installed LS6.3 software., spectral database, 532 nm, 638 nm,785 nm CLDS lasers

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