What is Sample Preparation

Automated Hot Block

Sample preparation procedures represent about 85% of the time associated with atomic spectroscopy analysis.

Vulcan digests automatically all your samples for AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, from the adding of the reagents to the transfer in analysis tubes.
Digesting a sample becomes quick, easy and efficient, improving your lab productivity.

Typical samples/applications include: Geology (glass, metallurgy (ceramic, alloy), environment (waste, soil, ashes…), food, plant and animal tissue pharmaceutics, cosmetics, biochemistry, and biology (blood, urine…).


Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up. It is the only true automation accepting samples and returns prepared autosampler racks ready to be...

See Vulcan - Automated Sample Preparation System Video

Vulcan video