What is Sample Preparation

Laboratory Accessories for Sample Digestion

Digestion Vial

50 ml, Polypropylene (84-100-123)
50 ml, Teflon (84-100-223)
50 ml Glass (84-100-333)
100 ml, Teflon (84-100-338)
75 ml, Quartz (84-100-228)

50 ml size vial seems to be most preferable for carrying out digestions of variety of samples. It can handle adequate amount of sample while helping to improve through put. Questron provides 50 ml vial in Teflon, polypropylene, glass and quartz material. We are aware of uniqueness of applications and special requirement arising from it. We at Questron welcome all requests for custom vials. Currently we offering 25, 50 and 100 ml capacity in Teflon material

Sample Tray

42 X 50 ml, 120C (84-100-173)
42 X 50ml, 230C (84-100-125)
Tray Holder (84-100-233)
30 X 100ml, 120 C in use (84-100-235)

Sample tray and holders made from chemical and heat resistant material provide easy and safe handling of samples. The modular approach reduces bulk of holder provides easy for long term storage of samples. The Holder height is adjusted so that vials remain suspended and help keep them free of any dirt from table tops. Sample trays can be placed directly over hot blocks. Teflon coated trays should be used while working beyond 120C. Trays are available in configuration matching to all QBlock.

Sample Cart (84-100-237)

Latest laboratory practices demand to preserve the digested samples for stipulated time period. Sample Cart made out of chemical resistant material can accommodate 840, 50 ml samples. The tray holding samples is inserted on inclined support so that accidently it does not slide back. For easy access cart has 4 compartments. Each compartment has place to hold empty trays in the bottom. On the top of cart each compartment is provided with space to note down the sample details. Sample cart has compact size (50” high, 28” wide) and is mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability

Reagent Cabinet (84-100-025)

  • asily accommodates 6 x 2.5 litters standard reagent / acid bottles in one layer
  • Two internal compartment to separate liquids posing danger of fuming on mixing
  • Two side windows to check on liquid level  
  • Acid and corrosion resistant fabrication
  • Designed to catch spillage, if any
  • gas seal entry ports for reagent tubing
  • Can be connected to exhaust line to for reagent fume removal
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 57.5 x 38 x 38 cm / 22.5 x 15 x 15 in

HEPA Enclosure and Portable Fume Hoods (7500.202)

  • Provides HEPA filtered atmosphere essential in sub PPT level
    sample determinations
  • Works as portable fume hood
  • Acid and corrosion resistant fabrication for Autosampler and hot blocks.
  • Designed to catch spillage, if any
  • Thoughtfully placed polycarbonate window to observe the operations 
  • Gas seal exit ports for power cables
  • Possibility to use without HEPA filter and adjust the exhaust flow
    through adjustable slits
  • Ergonomically designed door for easy access
  • Sized as per each requirement

All-Plastic Blower (84-100-047 , 1800-125)

  • All plastic construction
  • 200 CFM air flow
  • Configuration available to work with both 208 and 110 AC Voltage
  • Drainage line to remove condensed reagent vapours

Scrubber (84-100-202)

  • The only Laboratory scale exhaust fume scrubber available
  • Unique tube-within-a-tube concept resulting in compact size
  • Capable of removing up to 95% of humidity with specifically designed scrubbing balls
  • All plastic acid and alkali resistance construction
  • Compact and efficient design – only 152cm tall with a 12.7cm OD Tube
  • 4 Teflon spray nozzles to produce fine mist for scrubbing
  • Requires only 2 litres per minute of water – works with regular tap pressure
  • Can be used independently with other instruments as well